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Atoms merge

to dance in depth,

we are marvels

from birth to death


A thrilling sprint

initiates terms,

of evolution’s

matured returns


Sequence prints

perpetual math

of genetic ciphers

eluding grasp


As configured coils

fuse and bind,

trillions of arrayed

spirals unwind


Ignited signals

index directions,

in neural grids

of dynamic connections


Cognition nets

intrinsic volumes

of nerve response

and dodging problems


From compounds

we’re a conjured gift,

in orbits moving

ever swift


Celestial feats

of unearthly remnants

fill a universe

of mystique’s dependents


What we know

of dying stars

is that their dust

is somehow ours


We’re mortal embers

glowing as we fade,

as pairings flourish

in a cosmic parade

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