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Andy Levine’s most recent collection of poetry was released in August of 2019. For the Village or For Vanity is the 5th book of poems self-published by Levine. After four of years of writing and editing since 2015’s Outside the Complex, Levine explores a variety of areas in these poems. Life changes and an ever complicating run of societal events fill the contents of this new collection of words.  In total, the 32 new poems cover a number of topics ranging from self-empowerment, the importance of artists, American politics, media consumption, gun control, navigating life changes and a harsh critique of corporate greed. This book is presented in four different sections; Rare Beauty In…, The Divided, Status For, and A Metric Con.

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Andy Levine published his 4th collection of poetry, Outside the Complex, in the December 2015. The 31 poems span three sections: Structures, Systems and Survival. The first section Structures contains poems dealing with both the emotional and tangible confines that we all encounter. In Systems, Levine writes with sharp commentary and critique on the many issues our society faces. In the final section Survival, the theme of heartbreak and recovery dominate - recounting Levine's struggle with the ending of a relationship and finally growing as a person in the path toward eventual happiness. Outside the Complex was released in November of 2015.

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Today Then Tomorrow is Andy Levine's 3rd published collection of poetry, released in 2010.  This book was written between 2006-10 and contains 41 poems dealing with many topics on a wide spectrum throughout its four sections; Daylight, Dusk, Darkness, and Dawn.  Levine for the first time tackles subjects like politics, terrorism, love, and global warming. This effort is the result of Andy moving past his adolescence and into the struggles and joy of experiencing the world and all of the twists and turns it can bring. The title of the book, Today Then Tomorrow exemplifies Levine's state of mind while writing and producing this book, living for today, but also keeping an eye on what is to come.

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In 2006 Andy Levine published his 2nd book of poetry, Independent  [self evolution towards constant life amendment].  Independent contains 51 poems written from

2002-06 as Levine was finishing college and entering a new reality of adulthood. This collection of poems is divided into four sections; Theory & Society, Love & Beauty, Life & Lessons, Words & I. Independent stands as a step forward for Levine in many ways. Though still raw in many ways, the content of the book characterizes how Levine felt at the time; a 25 year old working to find his voice, methods of success, and artistic vision.