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Andy Levine


Author and Publisher Andy Levine was born in New England in 1981. Levine has shown an interest in writing poems since elementary school when he discovered the wonderful books of Shel Silverstein. As a teenager, he started taking writing more seriously and worked toward publishing a handful of shorter collections until his 1st paperback book, Altered Vizion (out of print) was released in 2002. Levine went on to release 5 more collections, Independent (2006), Today Then Tomorrow (2010), Outside the Complex (2015), For the Village or For Vanity (2019) and All I know is I won't go SPEECHLESS (2022). Levine has chosen to self-publish these titles to maintain a sense of creative freedom and control over the process. 

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Along with writing and publishing, Andy Levine has spent the last 20 years as a landscape photographer. Levine launched with 6 main galleries, as well as 24 extended galleries containing nearly 1,000 images from his collection. 

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