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Humility, integrity, sacrifice, tests,

tenacity, growth, adventure, rest


Opportunity, achievement, failure, awareness,

lessons, trials, judgments, fairness


Employee, owner, publisher, admirer,

ambition, stress, obsession, desire


Rebel, follower, listener, leader,

hopeful, depressed, patient, believer


Student, career, freedom, reborn,

seeker, stability, survival, return


Passion, heartbreak, anger, pain,

collection, charity, losses, gain


Consumer, salesman, colleague, guide,

shame, guilt, ego, pride


Innovation, bravery, loyalty, submission,

blindness, ignorance, efficiency, vision


Artist, explorer, verses, captures,

reader, critic, author, chapters


Cities, mountains, oceans, vistas,

pursuit, passes, completions, misses


Purpose, pleasure, denial, debt,

child, roommate, mortgage, rent


Son, friend, family, lover,

husband, uncle, nephew, brother


Creation, joy, laughter, tears;

a hundred words for forty years

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