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Take that stand,

just know it depends upon

your collusion as

a willing pawn


Become the fringe

in public stunt,

from searing rumors

spread this month


One day you’re cordial,

then a crony on notice,

voicing analysis

of policy and quotas


A refusal of research

with graphs or facts,

prods zombie mobs

in brainless attacks


Objections blared

of what doesn’t exist

validates trails

to the already convinced


Crews that converge

to jolt what’s stable

are the culmination

of programmed cable


The irony is undeniable,

stunning in measure,

canceling daring

to promote displeasure


They call out fragility

but can’t handle critique,

overplaying their swagger

with petty technique


Mayhem is the bait

in wicked traps,

deforming perception

to summon collapse


They ache for doom

like crops need rain,

until they’re submerged

grasping for grain


In a world of sources

patrons are fed

profiled nutrition

an engineer bred


Users are the product

of ruthless giants,

sold by the slice

for total compliance


It’s all a buffet

where variety is illusion,

in trafficking myths

to trend confusion

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