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The enemy embracing,

ethics defacing,

zealots of gospel and tale,

defer to donors

by obeying their owners,

indicting reformers if they fail


Brokers lull fools

as sharply played tools,

decrying fields to spark bias,

so tyrants tout grifts

as empathy drifts

down a narrow trust in messiahs


Ignorance is stubborn

like an egotistical husband,

vacant of sanity and aid,

these petulant children

mint perfect as villains,

quick to condemn and invade


Shaping gaps in a charter

as safeguards are bartered

shred what so many have built,

vandals conceal

what their cartel can steal,

swapping stakes by this tilt


Sadistic alarmists

harvest like farmers,

plowing to bury their rival,

but the rebellious affected

defy disconnection

in strokes that echo survival


The brave who still wrestle

as guardians of vessels,

withstand among fences placed,

no ratio of controls

upholds noble goals,

in clashes for dignity and grace


Paper lions will fold

in a bend to behold,

ousted by who they suppressed,

coalitions rebuild

what’s pillaged then distilled,

imploring sponsors to invest


It is what it seems,

filling history’s reams,

of frenzy incited by pressure,

the idealists may resist

hoping principles persist,

in eras each generation weathers

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