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If you continue down this path,

alongside venom and wrath,

the grip that steers you now

may divorce you from the past


Campaigning out of spite

and starting needless fights,

cheapens effort made

to prove you might be right


Is resentment based in truth

or rants relayed to you,

should you reexamine basis

of what is real and what is “news”


The hype that cheers crusades,

where con men promenade,

discounts any gratitude

for growls of the enraged


Martyrs of unbelief

dig up a sandless beach,

tunneling into bunkers

torment helps them reach


Seething won’t help seeing

claims a crook’s decreeing,

to warrant fresh injustice

they’re eagerly aggrieving


Rampage takes the reins

if temper blurs its aim,

revolting out of reflex

with vengeance in the veins


This anger that you ride,

polluting compromise,

craves a liberation

peace cannot provide

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