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Caught in a catch

of a web that’s convex,

certain this syntax will end,

but convicts convene

for incentives obscene

ensuring we stay in descent


Surprises supply us

with seas of pariahs,

taunting a want to break free,

we’re a group in a noose

in a nightmare loop,

hanging hopes to agree


Fatigue finds the weak

clinging to their speech,

eating stability alive,

it’s tragic; this pageant

of avoidable violence,

prepping bids to divide


The rinse and repeat

of instincts to cheat,

tempt vitality by fluke,

this ridiculous race

without strategy in place,

adds dust to piles of loot


The desolate inherit

remainders of pellets,

blaming the rest for their plight,

the peaks and the valleys

trek insecure alleys,

inviting the malice of night


Even trees in a forest

can’t shelter who’s poorest,

as limbs are owned by a class,

so monsoons drench covers

making widows of lovers,

waiting for this horror to pass

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