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The fragrance of wealth

and vaults kept stealth

saturate the world with inequity


Without overseas seizure

the privileged milk leisure,

mauling counties between coasts


There’s no remorse

in hiding bounties off shores,

assuring savvy excuses the spree


It’s the same story told,

now millenniums old,

of pirates making moves to endure


Blood washes clean

on the real estate scene,

where rackets align for a match


Hustlers elected

cover funders connected,

with coercion from power secured


In swipes of deceit,

full of envy, full of greed,

those buzzing huddle in droves


Temptation mixed in

with appetite and sin

is euphoria raw but kept close


It’s prey in a ring

enablers string,

recruited and bruised on a whim


If disgrace follows suit

with revelations of truth,

outrage is matched by its scope


The camps of addicts

like leaves sink erratic,

graze but don’t scar the king


An evasion spawns legend

with systems upended,

for admirers who can’t look away

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