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Given the choice of havoc or change,

uproar is brewed by the deranged


The loudest are raiders in a cast,

retrograding cruel to the past


Presumption is dealt in deception,

floated by gangs at conventions


Stunts are neon for assembled moths,

misled by factions of foreign bots


Clowns in makeup tour circus flair,

raising tents for a reckless affair


Hypocrisy is less crucial than brand,

revering the bluster of a tiny man


So rallies commence with naïve chants

in vile riots inside a trance


It’d be comedy if the threat weren’t so real;

these wounds of the duped that won’t heal


Gone is the taste for prosperity and growth,

replaced by cowards fearing both


It’s not going to end well for the republic,

from a beacon to obnoxious plummet


A democracy bankrupt by its freedom,

dismantled for every wrong reason


The remains that settle in heaps

will be swept up by eager elites


This saga of loyalty in a phase of vice,

primed for an autocratic heist

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