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With ambition for profit
there’s loss of what’s pure,
greed is a disease
few want to cure

Mass exploitation
for stacks
and for margins,
strips limits
during downturns
and bargains

Battered units
are churned without care
for the prosperity
of the fiscal year

Spreading thin
swells risk of leverage,
purging industry
for investors’ pledges

Ethics are bypassed
to gain more,
scorching plains
from the sky to the core

Coded formulas
color cells gauging balance,
pricing values
in declarations of talents

Esteemed staff
are tagged void
by their wages,
so the trusted
are whittled in stages

While insecure captains
helm ships toward a doom,
they collapse trust
and lose support
of the room

Setting targets
heists morale
from cohesion,
if tough economics
purge logic from reason

Enterprise attracts
nodding heads,
accepting rhetoric
despite the message it sends

Merged measures
stain schemes of pursuit,
slanting scenes
so insiders can loot
This trade off
floods fronts
with lost herds,
surfing currents
administrations defer

There is exile
among laboring trees,
they’ll pick and sell you
like fruit that hands seize

The players become wine,
while the rest
dry in the sun;
with no raises for raisins
on vines filling funds

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