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Forces implore us
to publicize our private,
streaming a river
of narcissism that’s stylish

Forces reduce us
to useless end-users,
in coils we’re collected
across digital unions

Forces contort us
to distort simple choices,
powerful yet voiceless
as combatants act boisterous

Forces enrage us
to take refuge in pages,
with context shrinking
in cartels of stages

Forces coerce us
from vaults to movements,
in compiling concerns
or rallying the disillusioned

Forces outsource us
crossing seas to cut lines,
bottoming a balance
to tilt tops of the times

Forces divorce us
for games of fixed races,
riding polls and swings
inside battleground spaces

Forces exploit us
for converted restraint,
measuring an impact
by the lack of debate

Forces force us
to divert off our courses,
in a con for followers
through an elegant performance

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