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Post fraud,
and greed,
where will we go
and who will lead

When what is truth
is a topic discussed,
the brink of ruin
is an edge
that’s brushed

If the unbelievable
is reasonable and frequent,
discussions default
to links delinquent

Mistrust is impulse
for grifters it assists,
as counterfeit hints
help pillagers persist

Spilled thoughts
spark drama in estates,
by careless charges
spewed steady
to bait

Cues press clans
to push back, 
urging gossip
with no appetite
for the facts

Conjured incidents
grip cycles and pages,
selling a circus
to distract
from stale wages

Thresholds devolve
with traditions burned,
raising tensions
from what a clown discerns

This era will
be remembered
by its dusk;
a passing darkness
in the shadows
of trust

We give, they take
in the shelling
of our spirit-
after shock
when the vulnerable
will feel it

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