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If you believe in something
and to you
it’s truth,
what doesn’t matter
is the burden of proof

Others might doubt you,
even mock your aims,
but that says
more about them
than any of your claims

Courage is contending
unafraid of critique,
ignoring those shallow
and a validation
they seek

Humility is essential,
but submission is not,
as wisdom is crafted
from exploration
of thought

Standing sturdy
when rattled
is a high when they’re low,
as only you are in charge
of where you won’t go

If you fall or fade,
collect breaths
and reset,
provoke comprehension
that circulates regret

No violence is vital-
it collapses equations,
pilot your divisions
between frenzy
and patience

In the end
you’ll succeed
through conviction,
by knowing what matters
and not accepting
their fiction

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