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A crystal castle
with a diamond door,
golden trim
and a platinum floor

Countries are clubs
where access is privilege,
is this done for vanity
or the good of the village

The driveway is far
from the black of the street,
and only with security
do the two ever meet

Hedges scale tall
for private domain,
securing a coldness
and concealing a pain

Oppression is broad,
stunting resistance,
in a decree from the top
for dissolving persistence

Idols are promoted
for mobs to admire,
so deceivers can sling
agendas of liars

Institutions decline
as systems are poisoned,
when rackets spread quick
in appointments anointed

In a crippled capitol
with chambers of law,
miners fill lobbies
until walls are chipped raw

Liberties crumble
for the excess of a few,
denying the rights
long granted to you

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