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One day
the people will revolt,
to recover
what was stolen
from hope

The frustration started
as officials ignored facts,
advancing hype
barked wild in attacks

Snipers succeeded
with dazed prey
in its traps,
as a vigilance
to sift noise

Constant strain
deformed gridlock
to a lot,
with parties too stubborn
to give service
another shot

That was the basis
for two bands
to build strong,
one were the brokers,
their rival;
those wronged

Indifference for knowledge
and apathy of the process
endorsed few with authority
while the rest
were held hostage

The delegated burned Rome
with a chain of decisions,
gutting freedom
by a thousand incisions

These slices
spread a virus
in our spirit,
and since the powerful
checked waves
the beaten could barely hear it

It was a grim era
for this union-
divided and controlled,
and though some brewed fury,
most welcomed
what they were told

Static became the message
and directive
for the masses,
where speakers preached
to disgruntled classes

Rights earned
and penned through pain,
now subsidized citizens
from their stake
in the game

The vested assumed customers
would stay engaged
in the arrangement,
promoting distractions
to persuade disengagement

The arrogant were ignorant
to a wrath
swelling beneath,
it was slow
but surfacing
in a shared disbelief

There was no leader
to tear down,
just a symbol of their goals-
a transparent flag
tied tight
to rough poles

They desired a society
of integrity
and not greed,
where we worked together
to achieve what we need

They wanted ethics
in every election,
by negating campaigning
for influence collection

Among the early
who adopted
approach of this direction,
came a pledge of patience
during the insurrection

Non-violence was the method
in clashes
they couldn’t win,
a rebellion would spring
as the revolution
would begin

Though the crowd was angry,
mad as thunder
in the night,
discipline would guide them
each turn
in this fight

The resolute declared
to take back
what was seized,
to govern themselves
in a system
of belief

When the duel went low,
gutters were cleaned,
ideals were defended
when raided
by a fiend

Idle threats weren’t made,
only promise
to the task-
a return of order
where justice could last...

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