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The power of truth
lives inside artists,
when pushed
they rally motion
for accord

Endeavors call
for illumination,
lasering focus
for the welfare
of the civilized

Complex concepts
are conflicts sought,
forging artillery
to release
when ready

Their message is a mantra
scoring impact,
as an indent
by a song
in barren hearts

Seconds are agony
when not exploring,
hunting notions
through scaling
the next range

Travel finds them
submerging into life,
wandering broadly
on refined mesas
for viewpoints

They counter rules,
don’t write laws,
but row fierce-
as Creaticians
in the rivers
of our souls

There’s revival
in a pause
of rushing loops,
where imagination
restores understanding

The instigators
blend quiet
to elevations,
knowing purpose
is collected
in open rooms

Debate awakens
uniting crowds
aligning chaos,
weaving sacred
amid a universe
full of signs

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