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It’s a cold world
despite the heat,
with boundless greed,
guns and grief

Shots are fired,
now there’s blood
on the walls,
alarms are rampant
in heavy sighs
and calls

A plea from a parent,
a story of survival,
join a chorus
like zealots at a revival

Another occasion
to reapply disgust,
and the latest account
to reload distrust

All persist
with a shortage of guilt,
where inaction
plagues towns
as caskets are filled

Purchased officials
send thoughts and prayers,
then bow to backers
and purveyors of slayers

Mental health
is the thesis on repeat,
when servants solicit
to keep safe their seat

Both sides dance
around reality and statistics,
ignoring outlines
of motives and logistics

Merchants dissuade
to initiate change,
yet narrow gaps
between the righteous
and deranged

There must be strategy
in aim to recalibrate,
when fake patriots
persecute and retaliate

So Emmas’ and Davids’
chart moves for changes,
waging crusades
with passion on stages

Marches are joined,
speeches are made,
politicians observe,
and momentum fades

The hope is for no more,
but there will be,
in casualty counts
of a new spree

What happens when
this effort fails-
votes may increase
along with weapon sales

Tragedy triggers hoarders
to stock munitions,
as if anarchy is here
in martial conditions

These assaults weaponize
ferocious defenders,
using a charter
as armor
in verdicts rendered

Critics rail
about infringement
of rights,
while public places
place us
in their sights

So your daddy had one
or you slaughter for sport,
the safety of children
should warrant support

Officers on fields
should carry to protect,
not civil beings
or the cattle we elect

Bullets tear flesh
and wound congress,
tempting vigils
every day
without progress

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