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How many bodies 
must it take-
for action
in a movement
that won’t break

Head counts
and hands joined
for a reason,
wilt only
when renounced
in appeasement

Intentions splinter;
see history for proof,
as organized people
can’t seem
to hold truth

There is shame
to rewrite
what’s failed,
but inaction
impairs articles assailed

Politics are sport
craving blood,
some rebel
while the faint
ride out the flood

How many destinies
must be robbed
for retraction-
of branches fractured
by the pull
of two factions

Dulling suffering
in methods
of addiction,
prescribe issues
for a terrorizing mission

Indulgence brings torture
over healing,
with tombs set
and skies
without ceiling

This lie spreads stronger
by each death,
as attention succumbs
with last breaths

How many tolls
of disaster
must endure
for science
to be trusted as pure

Stark havoc
lands merciless
where it pleases,
yet too many
are the opposite
of believers

The atmosphere punches
in potent rages,
showing deniers
an example
for the ages

Water is toxic,
though the issue
dims for most,
with an interior prey
to whims
of the coasts

These genocides
whether obvious
or hidden,
bid correction
beyond obituaries written

The census
in our nature
demands audit,
so we seek answers,
the reasons,
and how to stop it

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