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Wholesale and retail
import worship of detail,
where success taxes things
that aren’t real

Corporations aren’t people
and don’t care who you are,
they’ll pitch you as hard
as profits require

Cataloged investments
bleed on a sheet,
where brackets gas idols
hijacked by the elite

Prisons house circuits
that never let go,
where fees from offenders
finance the show

Hospitals serve us
as their marks,
stacking paper
of costs in the dark

Education saddles students
with long debt,
endowing courses
careers must offset

Brittle systems
veer without say,
skewed as we’re screwed
every minute of each day

Surveys determine
angles for a cause,
employing correlation,
for prejudice laws

While deficits and curves
appraise worth,
none of it matters
in a carriage or hearse

Aging and reflex
swap purpose for pain,
fuck these numbers
and the constraints they contain

What helps us shine
has no value to grasp;
love, passion,
respect and class

Take your metrics,
that blueprints erect,
for a hundred monuments
the conservative perfect

Live for your circle
and not by equations,
cherish what’s around you-
the undefined and amazing

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