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Zeros and ones
in a digital parade
expand the arena
curiosity has made

It is rare to exist
in one sphere of persona;
we glow via pixels
in a clouded corona

There’s enrollment
to a collection of tribes,
sketching style
of how to live lives

Social then hidden
for the sake of position,
reaching for traction
in tirades of fission

There is swiping
in sequence for envy,
sharing life
as much as it can be

This race for reaction
is a crowded sport,
stoking boasts
by apostles of support

Reports break
and speed into sights,
in an outrage
of trivial gripes

Episodes are tailored
to rev up metrics,
crashing forums
filled with eccentrics

Real is claimed faked
if it flows against message,
as if evidence is enemy
when vetted or tested

In these coves
bounce reinforced beliefs,
blurring reality
by satellites of a feed

New advances
sketch orbits inexact,
in soft webs
that forever entrap

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