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Fierce words of these warnings
seen before without tremor,
return in a fury
both sides will remember

The execution of strategy
played on torn fields,
ensures a defense
will have a test of its shields

Civil growth is washed away
like it's beach sand,
as the earth’s salt is peppered
by those following game plans

The waltz of pressure
and relentless grips,
greet those affected
like a wrecking ball to the lips

What was standing
lay asleep now in dust,
a deceased structure
from one sonic thrust

The parallel results
from a promise exploded,
layer each road
in wreckage and motive

Pinpoints of impact
dissolve into sorrow,
as the day eats the night
dreading what comes tomorrow

Plagued landscapes
Inhabit a threat now fulfilled,
leaving no option for exit,
just the task to rebuild

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