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Democracy is dying
from years of neglect,
as we’re the targets
where money
and politics intersect

Revered halls
once roamed by noble figures,
now house a lobby
full of snipers
with hair triggers

They coin slogans
and craft careful sound bites,
as words become daggers
in campaign fights

Combating each other
is not the true goal,
it’s saying what sells
to win the next poll

Senses are bombarded
by news bandits
and punch lines,
so pundits mask facts
to boost ratings in primetime

Colliding panels of viewpoints
then debate every topic,
hoping soapboxes become plateaus
to ride trends of skewed logic

As staff soldiers
conspire to strike low,
they destroy candidates
and create monsters for show

Meanwhile, we’re pawns
in a process for two factions,
they push buttons
and pull strings
to draw favor and reactions

There's protest for changing
the way things are done,
still we support millionaires
for operations they run

We’re fools
thinking two colors
embody this nation,
because blue and or red
can't reach
green or gold elevations

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