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If we ever see
their three black dresses,
we'll know part of this world
has collapsed

There's concern,
and a sobering fear,
that feels guilty to imagine,
but all too possible
to ignore

Prayers spread across oceans
for his boundless spirit,
may not prevent
the horror from happening

This country
is not without tragedy-
there is remorse in our soil,
and cynicism in our hearts,
but this would
dull devotion
to advance still

Though buildings
have collapsed
in grand cities,
if he falls
hope may die with him,
leaving mourners
sifting through
senseless debris
of despair

We'd move on,
there'd be no choice,
he is not
the last flicker of salvation,
just the latest
to brave a surplus of rage

If we see them,
in their three black dresses,
who knows
what will follow next

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