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Faith is complex
among various systems,
with every coalition flares variance
and a contradiction of visions

God is being murdered
by those thinking
they serve under blessing,
while condemning anyone
who entertains second guessing

For cause, country
or leverage to seize,
live and die with numb agents
and what they believe

Interpretation of tales
many centuries aged,
are not grounds for crusade
or ensuing clashes engaged

This merciless sermon
promotes malicious deeds,
while missions stay veiled
as their enemy bleeds

Defiance is futile,
in acceptance lay salvation,
not warfare vowed
with those vulnerable in nations

Killers by decrees
of a star, cross or moon,
shame the heritage
of the graves in Babylonia's dune

As symbols shatter
to prove conventions,
scorn citizens crave bounties
via vengeance and elections

No credo is clean
of secrets and measures,
as fanatics brew storms
the rest of us weather

As the procession proceeds
where saviors are slain,
more regions are poisoned
from violence in their names

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