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Grab it tight,
and hold it close,
now throw away the remnants,
before someone else knows

A crash is coming,
you can see it build,
sell your sand to the sea,
even though it's overfilled

Grains of earth
splash soft on the surface,
returning quick to the coast
and origin of purpose

One handful lost
seems like a harmless motion,
not realizing this destroys
the fragile floor of the ocean

Forecasting status
is drowned by ambition,
ignoring warnings
with deaf ears to past wisdom

A little off the top,
surely no one will suffer,
until tsunamis rage
corrupting systems
without buffer

As abuse detonates
new fiery effects,
blazes burn doorways
where excess
was unchecked

Ashes like sand
are tossed back
to the fray,
hoping soon for forgiveness,
and the start of a new wave

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