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From a yellow
at midnight,
came daylight

In this center of greatness
and tremendous flaw,
they slow among commerce
in a state of awe

A synthetic rush
has senses shifting,
as the more that’s explored
corrupts each merging victim

At a time in the world
when most are at rest,
intersections confide secrets
these corners confess

It's a polar paradox
to cold urban blocks,
with walkways of mobs
and doors without locks

There are mountains,
not here,
crushing slogans and clichés,
real places of true beauty,
unlike this flamboyant maze

How can this be an axis
where society spins,
as neon glows
mask a sadness
lurking shallow within

Please explain
why this idea holds attraction,
as it's just a circus
that survives for distraction

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