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How often do you question
what you believe,
as doubt dawns scrutiny
of information received

In early stages
forceful views are ingrained,
invading ears
too naïve to abstain

If it benefits their cause,
they’ll march without pause,
to extend their mission
upon you

An endeavor through devotion
shape beliefs that's unique-
a translation of principles
that no tenet can teach

As convictions build
and grow stronger in command,
it's what's left to influence
that stays high in demand

Companies consort
to condense all our choices,
toward aisles narrated
by their carefully placed voices

We're evaluated each moment
for profits to win,
while sometimes only mattering
in what demo you're in

Plotted on charts
by sex, age and income,
they bank on a formula
their next customer you’ll become

The new pollution is promotion
staining streets and our eyes,
conditioning our mind
even more than we realize

With control of the press
and media intake,
comes the deletion of alternatives
and verdicts to make

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