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At any point,
modest but ample degrees
engineer gaps
between generations

All societies
share critical events,
constructing corridors
and levels of morality

Inside barracks
housing these crowds,
lust floods shorelines
bound by flesh,
tolerance and indulgence

Ignorance loots decades
of understanding
everything about anything,
by the short-sighted nature
of flawed doctrines

The shame is that
shallow wisdom survives,
through too few
defiant enough
to challenge assumed methods

These designs
perhaps wholesome in their origin,
breed corruption,
then passed on
as if a breeze
from one tree to the next

Mistakes made once
will manifest again,
with refusal to cross borders
between stubbornness
and compromise

Minor moments of momentum
shake standards,
shaping status
for the powerless
at crucial times

There is endless hope for humanity,
that with vigilant travel
on altered circuits,
sparks can merge
into firestorms of possibility

That glimmer of potential
shines over crowds,
brighter than the eclipse
shading new terrain
and its nuance

Whether sons and daughters
realize the faults
or the insight
of mothers and fathers,
is nothing less
than the difference
between changing the world
for better or worse

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