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Beliefs from religion
are obsolete creeds,
as those saving souls
are actually dignity thieves

Primitive precepts
cause less pleasure than pain,
as senseless bylaws
endure to restrain

Customs are forced
through suppression,
by the costumed
and their pious aggression

Shaking stances instilled
from before you could reject them,
is difficult but necessary
for a spiritual connection

You must construct what makes sense
from everything you’ve seen,
not honoring traditions
you're not sure what they mean

Internal fidelity should develop
into something you prize,
not a code of indulgence
to secure your demise

How can you pray
to sacred characters
that have killed,
supporting myths
that wild prophecies
were fulfilled

Science is real,
not fairy tales and hearsay,
there wasn't a week's worth of creation
with still time for an off day

Important answers aren't easy-
you can't find them in a book,
they live in your heart,
and your head,
but only if you look

The world today
changes every moment,
sin has evolved
and so should atonement

No God or theology
is right, wrong or true,
it's just humanity
has moved forward
and will continue on to

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