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Our lust for consumption
is more than it seems,
as the thirst of mankind
defines what consequence means

Though some innovate
with desperation to prosper,
populations exhaust
what this home can now offer

Soaring societies
push supply to new heights,
while bottom lines misguide us
as this globe is sacrificed

The pursuit is high
for the soil and it’s treasures,
with the aim to set standards
through any necessary measures

As dark gold triggers doom
terrain becomes prey,
in the hunt for what's buried
and mined the next day

Pipelines bring hard times,
but not to the buyer or producer,
it's the atmosphere that's burdened
when loopholes become looser

Industrial showers are blusters
that blanket throughout,
from rolling tides of pollution,
to heat waves and drought

History is burned
with the genocide of forests,
as the uninvited brand areas
like a tour bus of tourists

Slow trauma affects channels
as mighty waters divert,
creating banks without interest
for the poorest it hurts

Defrosted realms
destabilize the process of order,
while warmed oceans stir disaster
as calm seasons grow shorter

Calls for duty are widespread
with sparse feats that ensue,
as listeners assume
there's a supply of days to work through

As one hand recycles
the other one wastes,
furthering an imbalance,
of a landfill's estate

Clashing habits cloud commitment
between concern and convenience,
and instead of a panic,
it’s a race to who’s greenest

Not just progress and programs
can solve problems we've created,
a genuine effort is needed
to mend a world devastated

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