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The free rise up
with liberty on their side,
seizing every opportunity
this world can provide

With no ties to be cut
or longing for wealth,
there’s nothing to risk
except freedom and health

As incident transpires
independence is prey,
to forces suppressing
civil truths they could say

This injustice
leaves the virtuous
with no voice,
as wounded spirits
are left with one choice

Splintered strength
must unite in alliance,
as peaceful accents
are imposed into silence

Collected minds
need to merge
in this riot,
free from control,
so their rivals
can't deny it

Though caged notions of will
are imprisoned,
they still scale barriers
initially envisioned

Glory seemed imminent
until the horizon then shattered,
darkness drowned daylight
and nearly everything that mattered

Stolen was the ability
to see the day as it passed,
now left with just one thing
of which was owned last

It is something that no one
could take away
or could see-
a soul that’s aware
and knows it is free

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