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Greed incites plots
without warning shots,
as profiteers blend
among shadows

Chaos and fear
manufactures a chance
that sinister agendas
will soon advance

From malicious wishes
come senseless dynamics-
a plan put in motion
so that everyone panics

With directives repeated
like a chorus in song,
stark end games unravel
while the rest sing along

We're embedded in a scheme
beyond the option to revise,
as minds once sanitary
are now vandalized

Sifting through opinions
can stunt ambitions,
casting suspicion
of any approaching decisions

By now lies
are entangled in truth,
and either one discredits anything
you can prove

Choosing sides
draws dissent with the other,
as arguments escalate
that contradict one another

Confusion is a distraction
of what the influential are doing,
and they’ll keep winning
until it's realized we’re losing

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