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Shelves contain volumes
of advice
for the confused,
where dust buries treasures
of wisdom unused

Every question's been asked
and answered with flair,
as text
congests sections
like guests at an affair

Insight ingests details
of theories and results,
as authors build monuments
for observers
it consults

It's that curious connection
where magic takes place,
in the bending odyssey
of infinite space

But these chronicles
should carry some doubt-
as they were written
by humans
with reflections drawn out

Perceived winners
shape history
vague with their fairness,
penning revenge
with a brush
that is careless

With separation and humility
ancient words can endure,
and while some
provide blueprints
the rest become lore

There's no way to recount
every tangle
in this world,
so we shouldn't rely
on tradition unfurled

Those brilliantly distinct
and ahead of their time,
will find endless lovers
who’ll covet their wine

We’ll marvel
at their talent
though periods may change,
by an emphasis of boldness
how language was arranged

The power of these words
weighs heavy on us all,
whether wisdom is cherished
or dissolves
as thoughts fall

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