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A piano plays
in a cathedral
elegant as style could sound,
its octaves express
for a crowd
oceans completely surround

A guitar strums
in a stride,
setting the direction
and course,
fading while others emerge
then leading the charge
by its force

A bass shakes
marches off tenor,
spawning spikes
in the sound of a score,
while plates crash
in a tempo
as vibrations
tear apart the core

Drums disseminate
from a village
civil beyond naive belief,
where energy
is fiercely released
by the pounding rhythm of feet

A violin slices
with vengeance,
in a crosswalk
of rampaging hordes,
as an echo encircles the city
from the pavement
out to its shores

A saxophone blurs
with intention
in the gap of consecutive notes,
as beacons
illuminate a coastline
filled with channels
of boats

A cello prevails
in a vessel
carrying the last chord
of chance,
as the captain maintains morale
by steering
in a hypnotic trance

Electronics beat
in succession
where procedure
seems like a myth,
as fusion entertains a jury
in a court
where no judgments exist

A banjo lessens the distance
from a porch
overlooking it all,
where the country air
is tainted
by combat's hostile call

The choir clamors
with threats
in a havoc
narrated up high,
as the chorus abruptly erupts
with tongues
now launched in a cry

A singer breaks through
the madness,
belting out scales
in their range,
joining the fireworks behind them
in an apex
of audible exchange

A million maestros
wave their two arms
begging the flood
to rush in,
opening the doors of a cathedral,
waiting for the piano
to begin

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