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Are we not sick
of the armed
endangering our streets,
distorting the Second
behind lobby elites

Quotes out of context
as the basis for decisions,
twist what the framers
originally envisioned

Lines that are drawn
by those tasked
with this cause,
employ what they must
for the authors of laws

Their conventions and shows
push agendas of violence,
while those who could stop them
interpret outcry
with silence

The coldness that lies
within a few disillusioned,
explodes in a storm
when they don't find inclusion

A wrath of the unstable
is easier to attain,
when an industry’s pockets
benefit from their pain

Where there's profit,
there's failure
for the interests of the rest,
because as long
as there's fear,
false militias will invest

When did apathy
trump empathy
for mankind
and its splendor,
as resentment
kills solace
we forget to remember

In the flashes we care
comes overreaction
that’s fleeting,
as if the only two options
are suffocation
or breathing

Where are we headed
without a reversal
of this trend,
but to a crisis created
by the refusal to amend

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