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It's the brutal nature
of staging multiple wars,
against our enemies
or by democracy's whores

This river of money
makes the powerful weak,
spending most of their tour
framing terms they can seek

Those “citizens” united
join numbers to infect-
a cancer in the culture
our charter won’t protect

As puppets they dance
without gravity in their strings,
so they tangle too easy
on the extremes of two wings

They'll state they are here
for families and their cause,
yet all they do is exploit
procedural flaws

Those reckless victories
lack the humanity we need,
and while they drone on
the working class bleeds

It's more than the present
pathetic idiots affect,
when we impair generations
with the fools we elect

Our mistakes and their future
are fused at the tip,
braided in a battle
by a minority's whip

These lapses will reverb
in the ashes of collapse,
as the latest example
of how empires don't last

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