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Something happens
creating fragments
to collect,
and the only option
it seems
is to reflect

Thrown from a zenith
where mountains peaked,
a summit now sinks
in depression's seat

Concealing strife
skips ills on delay,
as does deafness
to amnesty you betray

A recovery commences
with immersion in caring,
for who softened the fall
of weight
you were bearing

Drain effort on others
even if they wouldn't for you,
by getting lost within giving
as an escape
to pass through

With the turmoil of heartache
not a hinder
at the moment,
you are free to advance
on an avenue
of atonement

Ignore pitfalls and tokens
that lead to old pain,
they're just vagrants and villains
you've yet to arraign

Swim deep inside passion
after you willingly dive
into a process
of progress
that ensures you’ll survive

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