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They'd listen to each other
and then music at night,
they'd stoke a slow fire
and wait patient for the light

In moments sincere
they'd study and observe,
admiring the angles
of soft curves

Their affection was honest
with emotion immense,
as they built a life
for themselves
among all that made sense

But trust became tattered
by defiance and will,
when fidelity bled
by each promise unfilled

The spiral turned slick
with a veneer of resent,
as they'd vent with regret
each breath less they'd relent

The boil drowned love songs
and the sparks of a fuse,
when they stopped
listening to music
that on better days would amuse

And after some time
this union was broke,
wishing the best for each other
the last time they spoke

Arranged notes
that held meaning
composed darkness inside,
in a state of recovery
stretching thin over time

This spell of remorse
seemed to somehow survive,
until a new love
would hopefully arrive

When that day came
a new orchestra blared,
and they listened as one
in a lifetime they shared

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