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Imagine you're in a tower
on a Tuesday
after the turn,
and then a moment later
the floors beneath you

Imagine you're a teacher
in an unassuming town,
when madness
slays the future
of innocence shot down

Imagine you're enjoying
a mix of sport
and spring,
until cowards leave behind
an end
of virtuous things

Imagine you're a hostage
under a tyrant
and his whim-
an exile from the world
you can't participate in

Imagine you have fear
death could come each day,
living for beliefs
despite the price
that you may pay

Imagine you're a citizen
amidst drug cartels
and hell,
numb to all the violence
and misery they sell

Imagine you're a child
too nonexistent
to be poor,
forgotten by those ignoring
across their shore

Imagine you have capacity
but refuse
to feed your roots,
while famine and pandemics
leech crops
the wealthy loot

Imagine you are struggling
climbing valleys
toward respect,
but instead of a safety net
the rope's tied
around your neck

Imagine you're unlucky
and the subject
of a verse,
imagine for a moment
you were a casualty
of this curse

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