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it sets us all free,
chauffeuring our soul
where it wants to be

Escape into headphones
to a world that’s our own,
a desire for solitude
and the hope to be alone

Sensations of hearing
in a heaven of plentiful sound,
a palace of freedom
that speakers surround

Audio consuming
dancing ears and closed eyes,
securely protected
by the peace and shelter of HiFi

Songs are conversations
between noise and your soul,
how life without music
would be prison without parole

The outside goes silent
when music’s the pilot,
fleeing from fears
of terror and violence

Darkness of eyelids
protect from external,
as rhythm and symphony
kindle emotions internal

Engulfed we become
in an ocean of beauty,
as the songwriter writes
if they saw my life
and just knew me

When in need
of acoustic therapy,
music performs miracles
the eye cannot see

Everything fades
as the left and right
speakers agree,
an escape into headphones
is the safest place you can be

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