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Create from that feeling
deep in your chest,
as words can be a lover
you live to caress

Write when inspired
no matter where
or what time,
you never know
if those thoughts
will later align

Forget about rules
of language existing,
the mind makes hands
strong enough
to have a whole dictionary
you’re twisting

Don’t worry about grammar
and if two words agree,
let thoughts flood the paper,
it’s the safest place
they can be

Never force rhetoric,
because you think
it sounds right,
it is simply unnatural,
and the wrong way to write

Never allow initial impressions
to fool you
with perfection,
first drafts are as smooth
as teenage complexion

Become a risk taker,
it’s just pattern shaped ink,
the pen may best swords,
but they’re still
just thoughts that you think

This advice passed along
follows its preaching,
for writing is an extension
of your soul and its thinking

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