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We throw our hands up from attrition,

while symbols are wielded in sedition,

outraged by phony suspicion,

so we throw our hands up in position


Virtue becomes option in agendas,

in fundraising calls of offenders,

petitioning venues and vendors,

with hands thrown up as contenders


Obstructors plumb gains to a drip,

energizing clans with cracked whips,

furnishing the furious with rifts,

as we throw our hands up in a blitz


There’s debate about the state of the sick,

as some spar waves with a prick,

the rest run naked in the thick,

where we throw our hands up as we click


The battle to keep despair at bay

veers with bulletins of delay,

as welfare caves into the fray,

we throw our hands up as we pray


The end is unseen but gains steam,

directed by anecdote and meme,

crowning only those on your team,

so we throw our hands up as we scream


Memoirs will remember this mourning,

of apathy numbing stark warning,

as we struggled to rise above earning,

while we raised our hands up without learning

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