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Thank you David
for what you do for me-
your gift of language
amazes each instance,
and has shown me
what it is to be a writer

For every passing line
brings the world
closer into focus,
from your greatness
to achieve my own

If one day
I’m a fraction of what you are,
it will only be a small island
in the universe
you capture in song

Thank you Dave
for what you do for me-
the spirit and emotion
put into your work,
shows me what it is
to be an artist

As time advances
your ambition grows,
to evolve
your natural gift of creation

I aspire to create
not in your shadow,
but in your model
of expression,
integrity and beauty

Thank you Dad
for what you do for me-
the life you have given
is something
I cherish every day

The ethics you instill
makes a man
who believes
in no boundaries or limits

If I do not say
‘thank you’ every day,
it’s because you know,
we both know,
nothing needs ever be said

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