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You don’t know your limits
until you try and test them,
‘when will I break?’
becomes the first thing
that you question

From moment one
of challenging will,
everything fades
cautiously still

Unknown depths
of effort untapped,
unravels steady
like a coil unwrapped

Flares of frustration
fade to the distance,
tension becomes ally
you embrace with resistance

Well past where
you imagine you’d explore,
a serene sanctum protected
as if a soul’s reservoir

Near summits achieved
lay reality to digest,
this zenith is two-sided
with descent now the test

Vigilance tames ego
of footsteps to advance,
what may seem like a sure thing
changes by the variance of chance

At this point
desperation may dominate actions,
a mounting awareness
of location distractions

Fight you must
until all effort is spent,
though desire’s exhausted
you must never relent

From caverns of solitude
limits are realized,
as strength is so built
from every challenge survived

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