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Some are star-struck
and fame infatuated,
the intrigue of known faces
is a curiosity overrated

A constant gossip;
who they’re with
and where they go,
why are these things
you want to know?

These people and
their expensive looks
are treated as profits
in flashy picture books

Their common problems
become magnified
at supermarkets
with bold head-lies

Double crossings
and dating
creating marital affairs,
the moral following
the moral-less
and I simply ask
‘Who cares?’

Let me save you the mystery,
they are like you and I-
you’re not important to them,
so ignore the interest
you can’t seem to deny

They may not
be crippled with debt
or work forty-plus,
but they desire the same things
that everyone lusts

People gaze at the stars
and become jealous
of their style,
while ignoring their own beauty
in the meanwhile

Look in the mirror
if you want to see
someone amazing,
forget all the gossip
and the foolish star-gazing

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