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The people of this nation
deserve change
not exploitation

Sickened and nauseous
from force-fed greed,
given more of the same
than what we really need

The talent-less
receive our attention’s best,
while the talented
lead paths of hopelessness

Capitalized until capsizing,
a fresh face exploited
with every new day rising

Bleeding opportunity
from promise to overexposure,
driving toward profit
as foolish spending
comes closer

As advertisement persuades
to doubt ourselves,
it’s just in effort
to empty shelves

Standards declining
with a dulling of taste,
rushing for time
just so more we can waste

And as we obsess
on looks and mobility,
the nation consumes
everything but humility

The pouncing on novelty
like a lion to prey,
this parody dismissed
as just the American way

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