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It was poetic in the worst of ways;

a father dying on Father’s Day


Gone as fast as shadows shift,

Saturday sick, Sunday adrift


Just as tempos settled so,

fading organs attacked their flow


Alone she tries to curb alarm,

scrambling inside unknown harm


Two sons about to be fatherless,

tread into plots that unjustly twist


Sudden flights to comfort sides

are filled with somber weighted cries


A final time we’re all as one,

eternally frayed by threads undone


Goodbyes are passed in disbelief,

leaving before his endless sleep


Down the hall three sit numb,

waiting for the word to come


The moment is surreal and brief,

amidst lonely chairs and a family’s grief


The news is spread in solemn breaths,

with conversations now the test


A piece of us stays as he departs,

in Charlotte forever, forever in our hearts

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