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Battle Cry

in the center
of the world
in vocal opposition
and defiance,
toward every
backwards absurdity
of typical life

through piercing
sound waves,
that awareness
will force
a once sleeping army
into war

This howl seems
like a spotlight
over every ocean,
as a beacon
stating the world
will not walk blind
one more
uncomfortable step

The battle cry calls
for the strong
to guide the weak,
assist each other
in understanding
the power
of one’s self

And with a head
tilted back
wailing endlessly,
each listener
turns their attention
toward the noise

may not arrive
in that instant,
but after reflection
will appreciation
soon arise

The call to arms
forces a cease fire
of blaming one another,
harnessing the fear
and heavy burden
of consequence

A plea of passion
announced aloud-
a message pure,
and without deceit





The speed of life
moves at
the speed of light,
faster methods arrive
and become
obsolete overnight

Transports of info
bit over byte,
shiny new packaging
but soon
out of sight

Superhighways are runways
for concordes of data,
as advancements and upgrades
make their wallets grow fatter

Each day rushes
toward a digital existence,
a storm crashing down
without a gigahertz
of resistance

We evolve at a fraction
between each innovation,
propelled higher still
to the next elevation



Population Contrast

There are two types of people;
those who think they see it,
and those who know it’s there

Gender, ethnicity,
and religion
are not proper forms
of division,
some see only
black and white,
while others
entire spectrums
they can envision

People are not
either A or B
classified and acting
on those reasons,
some see just a calendar
while others see the beauty
in each season

Thoughts and beliefs
create disagreements
between opinion,
some lust for power,
as others
their dominion

As the population contrast
debates when and where,
others stay quiet-
knowing already it’s there




System Without Wisdom

There they are-
products of the system,
smart by book standards
but without
any true wisdom

Ladders of memorization
culminates in calligraphy,
an ovation
and a congratulations,
you’re now one step closer
to those adult conversations

With all that time spent
in chalk anchored rooms,
did they learn
anything about life,
besides how much
of the day
boredom consumes

Most lessons are learned
from experience
not scholastic,
if students were radios
forced education’s the static  

Truth doesn’t reside
in the multiple choices of tests-
no matter the options
in confinement,
wisdom is at rest



Old Man Speaking


Old man speaking,
creating boredom
by his preaching,
talking to fuel his ego
listeners thinking
‘please let me go’

and dream chasing,
attention span fades
with pointless facts

The victims of lecture
listen to clocks ticking,
digestion of details
rehashed until sickening

The man,
versed in old ways
tires eager minds
with irrelevance,
obstructing education
and mental development



The Biggest, Best Poem…Ever

I hate the hype,
the trend,
the here one day
but not by
next week’s end

The hot topic
on the curve
of all lips,
that soon stales
like exposed potato chips

Those shallow waves
crash on the mind,
but like waves
never last over time

All those ‘new things’
are actually
a recycled old,
new faces and places 
but the same story told     

Colorful products
become faded
with dust,
guaranteed regret
from what once
was a must

great things
don’t instantly surface,
it takes time
to establish
a true meaning
and purpose

So next time
you’re tempted
by promotion,
understand it’s only
a temporary devotion



Galaxy of False Intrigue

Some are star-struck
and fame infatuated,
the intrigue
of known faces
is a curiosity overrated

A constant gossip;
who they’re with
and where they go,
why are these things
you want to know?

These people and
their expensive looks
are treated as profits
in flashy picture books

Their common problems
become magnified
at supermarkets
with bold head-lies

Double crossings
and dating
creating marital affairs,
the moral following
the moral-less
and I simply ask
‘Who cares?’

Let me save you
the mystery,
they are like
you and I-
you’re not
important to them,
so ignore the interest
you can’t seem
to deny

They may not
be crippled with debt
or work forty-plus,
but they desire
the same things
that everyone lusts

People gaze
at the stars
and become jealous
of their style,
while ignoring
their own beauty
in the meanwhile

Look in the mirror
if you want to see
someone amazing,
forget all the gossip
and the foolish





The people
of this nation
deserve change
not exploitation

and nauseous
from force-fed greed,
given more
of the same
than what
we really need

The talent-less
our attention’s best,
while the talented
lead paths
of hopelessness

until capsizing,
a fresh face
with every
new day rising

Bleeding opportunity
from promise to overexposure,
driving toward profit
as foolish spending
comes closer

As advertisement persuades
to doubt ourselves,
it’s just in effort
to empty shelves

Standards declining
with a dulling of taste,
rushing for time
just so more
we can waste

And as we obsess
on looks and mobility,
the nation consumes
but humility

The pouncing
on novelty
like a lion to prey,
this parody dismissed
as just
the American way





The Detour Theory

As a population of theorists
speaks wild and proud,
only a few stop to listen
rather than follow who’s loud

So tough to avoid
submission to accept,
their ideas saturate thoughts
we don’t choose to elect

In a world complicated
by floods of greed,
too easy to drown
to the ideals that it feeds

A parade of like-thinkers
segregate toward dead ends,
biased theories are detours
for original thought to descend




Not a feud
but a war,
from the Bronx
to Kenmore,
from yelling mouths
to passionate core,
in this pinnacle of rivalry

Whether on the field
or the stands,
among the players
or fans,
there are infinite strands
in this rigid noose of rivalry

Taking steps back
from statistics
and facts,
lay larger reasons
beyond the warning track
in this eternal bitterness of rivalry

It’s the arrogant
and aggressive
versus the critical
and obsessive,
two regions
and it’s followers
so insanely possessive
in this scorching drama of rivalry





In October

The sweat
of summer giants
are reliant
for a hope
in October

On diamonds
stars shine
in a galaxy of skill,
glaring rays
of fanfare
on the seats
that they fill

Possibility expands
between chalk
bordered lines,
justice invoked
by how
judgments align

Anxiety augments
emotion of outcome,
with hope sustaining
each moment,
in order to get
to the next one

The taste of
cold morning rain
is the mist
of victory’s champagne
in October

From anthem
to celebration
live moments
to remember,
any memory
between April
and September;

It ain’t over,
til it’s over
in October




Within Gravity

Deep inside
the neighborhoods
of confusion
lives absolutely everything;
a million stories,
a thousand dreams,
happiness scattered
among timeless scenes

Within gravity,
in the artery
of candid lives,
grows a gamut
of emotion,
that through conflict
stays alive

Between moments shared
and connections revived,
breathe gasps of life
that usually subside

Brief droplets of chance
somehow unite,
a reinforcement of faith
felt through the night