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Mad as Thunder

One day
the people will revolt,
to recover
what was stolen
from hope

The frustration started
as officials ignored facts,
advancing hype
barked wild in attacks

Snipers succeeded
with dazed prey
in its traps,
as a vigilance
to sift noise

Constant strain
deformed gridlock
to a lot,
with parties too stubborn
to give service
another shot

That was the basis
for two bands
to build strong,
one were the brokers,
their rival;
those wronged

Indifference for knowledge
and apathy of the process
endorsed few with authority
while the rest
were held hostage

The delegated burned Rome
with a chain of decisions,
gutting freedom
by a thousand incisions

These slices
spread a virus
in our spirit,
and since the powerful
checked waves
the beaten could barely hear it

It was a grim era
for this union-
divided and controlled,
and though some brewed fury,
most welcomed
what they were told

Static became the message
and directive
for the masses,
where speakers preached
to disgruntled classes

Rights earned
and penned through pain,
now subsidized citizens
from their stake
in the game

The vested assumed customers
would stay engaged
in the arrangement,
promoting distractions
to persuade disengagement

The arrogant were ignorant
to a wrath
swelling beneath,
it was slow
but surfacing
in a shared disbelief

There was no leader
to tear down,
just a symbol of their goals-
a transparent flag
tied tight
to rough poles

They desired a society
of integrity
and not greed,
where we worked together
to achieve what we need

They wanted ethics
in every election,
by negating campaigning
for influence collection

Among the early
who adopted
approach of this direction,
came a pledge of patience
during the insurrection

Non-violence was the method
in clashes
they couldn’t win,
a rebellion would spring
as the revolution
would begin

Though the crowd was angry,
mad as thunder
in the night,
discipline would guide them
each turn
in this fight

The resolute declared
to take back
what was seized,
to govern themselves
in a system
of belief

When the duel went low,
gutters were cleaned,
ideals were defended
when raided
by a fiend

Idle threats weren’t made,
only promise
to the task-
a return of order
where justice could last...




Roots Reborn

We are roots
for the future
in plots sprouting vast,
where defiance ensures
tyrants won’t last

Spires from fibers
ask urgency of the sun,
wrestling the rhythm
of an enemy’s drum

When terrain is breached
feats are crushed by the spin,
so righteous messengers
separate deeds
from the sin

Trunks become towers
parting as they shade,
while asylum is swayed
by hostilities waged

As seasons age limbs,
change rushes through,
there’s a fall,
then a rebirth,
that always feels new

All this in the face
of machines
and their blades,
where safaris
are polluted by parades

Stumps that sustain
with roots still intact,
concentrate passion
to play out the next act




This is the Day

Carnage, drugs, desperation, rage
this is the day
we turn the page

Power,  bribery, scandal, corruption
this is the day
we refuse seduction

Aggression, pettiness, sermons, pain
this is the day
we praise the sane

Genocide, cowardice, attrition, war
this is the day
we widen our door

Bias, slurs, malice, fear
this is the day
we draw dignity near

Bullying, lying, panic, ego
this is the day
we temper evil

Plotting, dissecting, baiting, division
this is the day
we reject this vision

Cheating, mocking, insults, claims
this is the day
we rise above blame

Intolerance, resentment, inequity, delay
this is the day
we drive abuse away

Cruelty, hysteria, pandering, greed
this is the day
we begin to lead



Fear Engineered

Allegations from cowards
will destroy this place,
with a fear engineered  
out of negative space

Progress weeds thorns
in bias walks,
slashing pastures
from seeds to its stalk

Preying on prayers
is gospel for the day,
in a shower of pesticide
spit vile in a fray

A spun symphony
is a harmony without voice,
in growls of bitterness
from the option of choice

Concern crafts emotion
with venom unleashed,
thirsting for flesh
so hate can feast

In combats of gossip
civility is the victim,
as recruits fan a lie
someone might trick them

Through osmosis it’s stressed
a neighbor’s not friend,
in a discord devised
by the weakness of men




Full Hangars

A pit stop
is a big top
for a grand show,
in a crooked pageant
that charms
with each blow

In hangars they hang on
to tough words;
crass policy
without compassion
for who it hurts

A roar from the crowd
in cheap attacks,
cheered rabid
in a gratitude of hacks

The mob bursts
in jeers of raged thoughts,
loading up
by the sound
of swift shots

Dividing the I
from the us,
feeds the ego
like drugs in a rush

Soon after a blitz
the flight is gone,
off to stir pots
and point out what’s wrong

A loud plane
ascends in the distance,
above patrons
and the call for resistance




Greed, Guns and Grief

It’s a cold world
despite the heat,
with boundless greed,
guns and grief

Shots are fired,
now there’s blood
on the walls,
alarms are rampant
in heavy sighs
and calls

A plea from a parent,
a story of survival,
join a chorus
like zealots at a revival

Another occasion
to reapply disgust,
and the latest account
to reload distrust

All persist
with a shortage of guilt,
where inaction
plagues towns
as caskets are filled

Purchased officials
send thoughts and prayers,
then bow to backers
and purveyors of slayers

Mental health
is the thesis on repeat,
when servants solicit
to keep safe their seat

Both sides dance
around reality and statistics,
ignoring outlines
of motives and logistics

Merchants dissuade
to initiate change,
yet narrow gaps
between the righteous
and deranged

There must be strategy
in aim to recalibrate,
when fake patriots
persecute and retaliate

So Emmas’ and Davids’
chart moves for changes,
waging crusades
with passion on stages

Marches are joined,
speeches are made,
politicians observe,
and momentum fades

The hope is for no more,
but there will be,
in casualty counts
of a new spree

What happens when
this effort fails-
votes may increase
along with weapon sales

Tragedy triggers hoarders
to stock munitions,
as if anarchy is here
in martial conditions

These assaults weaponize
ferocious defenders,
using a charter
as armor
in verdicts rendered

Critics rail
about infringement
of rights,
while public places
place us
in their sights

So your daddy had one
or you slaughter for sport,
the safety of children
should warrant support

Officers on fields
should carry to protect,
not civil beings
or the cattle we elect

Bullets tear flesh
and wound congress,
tempting vigils
every day
without progress




Body Count

How many bodies 
must it take-
for action
in a movement
that won’t break

Head counts
and hands joined
for a reason,
wilt only
when renounced
in appeasement

Intentions splinter;
see history for proof,
as organized people
can’t seem
to hold truth

There is shame
to rewrite
what’s failed,
but inaction
impairs articles assailed

Politics are sport
craving blood,
some rebel
while the faint
ride out the flood

How many destinies
must be robbed
for retraction-
of branches fractured
by the pull
of two factions

Dulling suffering
in methods
of addiction,
prescribe issues
for a terrorizing mission

Indulgence brings torture
over healing,
with tombs set
and skies
without ceiling

This lie spreads stronger
by each death,
as attention succumbs
with last breaths

How many tolls
of disaster
must endure
for science
to be trusted as pure

Stark havoc
lands merciless
where it pleases,
yet too many
are the opposite
of believers

The atmosphere punches
in potent rages,
showing deniers
an example
for the ages

Water is toxic,
though the issue
dims for most,
with an interior prey
to whims
of the coasts

These genocides
whether obvious
or hidden,
bid correction
beyond obituaries written

The census
in our nature
demands audit,
so we seek answers,
the reasons,
and how to stop it




As All Unravels

A country dies
absent mercy
in its laws,
as unjust tragedies
shine spotlights on flaws

Denying who matters
arranges rows
that divide,
as if devotion for tolerance
should yield a force
on each side

As all unravels
on the streets
of the wronged,
abuse insists
the dissent is prolonged

There’s a stop
and a shakedown
of suspicion,
for quotas,
a presumption
or religion

Protocols start
and a chase
becomes a hit,
the dead aren’t angels
but not deserving of this

spurs cowboys
into mavericks,
blaming actions
on a passion
for tactics

Rationale wears thin
after initial rounds;
distrust is not an invite
to lethal grounds

On the front lines
where the aggressive
elude the brave,
trust is disputed
by a surplus of graves

Treating citizens
as enemies
and a threat,
blur examples
of sacrifice cops set

Precincts of codes
and stone walls,
protect bureaus
for service if it calls

Then come trials
in a system of defense,
that somehow
justifies the arrest

Riots commence
feeling an absence
of what to do,
these are murders
and sadly nothing new

Cities burn
by the ire of the weak, 
because if they can’t breathe
then no one
hears them speak




In the Event Heroes Fail

Odds may stack, 
then crash,
with harmony
a memory passed

Shielded existence
of persistence clutched,
tears too easy
in hands corrupt

In the event
heroes fail,
we cannot relent,
we cannot bail

We must defend
our solemn creeds,
for honor
and not petty greed

If agents place
vices first,
blocks will swing
in support reversed

We’ll labor as one
united by cause,
shedding weight
exposed in flaws

Warriors born
from hurt and poise,
know the hues
of truth and ploys

Coalitions bind
by fusing ends,
shaping a voyage,
fluid as it bends